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Dynamic Marine Group use a two-step process when detailing your boat. First, we select the appropriate cleaners and abrasives for the surfaces of your boat and use them to remove away all oxidation, scuff marks, watermarks, and discoloration. One or more coats of a combination of wax and polymers are then applied for a high-gloss, protective finish. The finishing coat provides outstanding protection from sunlight, salt water, and environmental pollution. All chrome and stainless polished. Isinglass is cleaned and polished.

Wash Down
Once your boat is detailed and polished, you can keep it shining all season long with our wash down service. Whether it's a one-time event, or a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. Whenever your boat is scheduled for a wash down, you can always count on us to be at your boat on time and ready to begin. Includes washing & drying of boat, glass windows, isinglass, and vinyl seats all cleaned.

Interior Detailing

Comprehensive interior cleaning include: All wood surfaces carefully cleaned and dressed. All countertops, sinks, heads, windows, all glass, mini-blinds cleaned, carpets vacuumed, refrigerator, stove, oven & microwave cleaned leather conditioned, and interior of cabinets & drawers cleaned.

Interior cleanings include: Wipe down of boat’s interior, countertops & sinks cleaned, all glass & mirrors cleaned, and a thorough vacuuming of boat’s interior.

Carpet Steaming
Pre spotting & carpets steamed cleaned. All services are done on premises, you don't have to move your boat, and we will come to your boat.

Engine room and Bilge Cleaning
We degrease and clean, engines and bilges. If requested engines will be repainted before being detailed and diapers will be laid under engine and in bilges.